Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Nu, Power Coffeeworks Dark Blend?

Last week, just in the nick of time, I bought half a kilo, must over a pound of freshly ground to order "power dark roast" coffee from Power Coffeeworks.

I had very correctly guessed that my stock of American ground coffee was grinding to an end for the first time in a very long time.

I debated between going to Power Coffeeworks and another coffee place. But since I needed to go to Rechov Agripas (Street) for something else, and I fondly remembered to aroma of their roasting coffee... Yes, Power Coffeeworks was my destination.

Just as I had remembered from an earlier visit, the roaster was full of coffee beans, and the strong coffee aroma was a perfect pick-me-up for mid-morning, or almost anytime but bedtime. I bought their "power dark roast, " and this week I began making it in my unbreakable stainless steel French Press.

Nu, I guess you're waiting for my reaction, opinion about the coffee. OK, in one word, I'd say "PERFECT."

Yes, of all the ground coffee I've bought in Jerusalem, "power dark roast" coffee from Power Coffeeworks is the best! I hope that answers your questions. The flavor is great, and the coarseness suits my French press.

Enjoy! Bottoms Up😋

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