Monday, June 25, 2007

Choose between me or the smoke!

I was a bit frazzled when I wrote about yesterday's adventures. I mentioned that I had lunch with Marallyn, but I didn't tell you the "fun" part. Great fun or whatever, but it was the springboard for a nightmare.

We planned on meeting at "Max's," a small cafe` on the corner of Ben Yehuda and King George in Jerusalem. I got there exactly on time, and because of the heat, I walked right in. And even more quickly, I walked back out.

It stank. It has been years since I found myself in a place so foul with stale cigarette smoke. As I was catching my breath, I saw what could have been Marallyn scoot in. I took out my cell phone to call her and realized that I had never turned it back on since the dental visit. Once it was on, I called her.

"Where are you?"
"In the restaurant."
"With all that smoke?"
"Are you the lady standing outside in the sun?"

Soon she was out, and the owner or manager was following.
"Your restaurant stinks!"
"It's illegal to smoke in a restaurant."
"I'm going to write about it on the internet, so everyone will know!"

And I've just done it!


marallyn ben moshe said...

yahooooooooo i did it!!! thanks for a great day yesterday...let's talk about next time...can't wait

muse said...

thankee you
yes, wonderful