Saturday, June 23, 2007

old one, almost forgot

A few months ago I posted this: "Gevalt! I was tagged!"

I had forgotten all about it when suddenly I was notified of a comment on it. Somebody, the originator?, compiled the answers to discover what he could about bloggers.

Blogger, are You Experienced?

I hope I didn't foul things up for him, since I see that I made mistakes...


ps--something else
I wish I could just post the Havel Havelim already. Some of my favorite bloggers haven't sent me anything.


caveblogem said...


No, you didn't foul things up. Most people left out at least one question, some more than four.

Oh, and I didn't make it up. I have yet to actually start a meme, although I have given it some thought. I'd be interested to know who does start these things. Thanks for your comments and your post. For some reason I keep trying to respond to the comments on my own blog and Wordpress just ignores me.

muse said...

thanks for the clarification

nice to meet you