Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pesach Pictured

I always love redecorating my kitchen with contac paper. I took this picture when the job was almost complete. Ironically, when I bought that particular paper, I didn't like it, but it looks much better on the marble than I had expected. I used some old ugly faux "pink marble" on the "peninsula," so I won't be tempted to leave it on until next Passover.

Once I had gotten the "covering" complete, I began cooking. Last night I cooked some chicken, beef and the soup stock. They're all in the freezer now, so they'll be frozen when we take the food to Jerusalem.

Did I tell you that we'd be "camping out" at our son's. He can't take off from his security job. He and I will, G-d willing, finish off the cooking Friday at his place. Today, all I have left to do, besides cleaning and laundry, is the
geffilte fish.

I also have to clear away the chametz table, so it matches the rest of the house.

As you can see, the kitchen is all ready Pesachdik.

It certainly didn't take me long to clutter it up!!


Rafi G. said...

big drinkers I see...

Batya said...

Nothing's finished.

Leora said...

I'm into the contact paper thing, too. I bought two new rolls this year (and then discovered I had some leftover from past years). My daughter and I picked leafy green. We started putting it down last night; I'll finish up today with my kids.

Your kitchen looks good! Hope you aren't too tired.

Batya said...

I also had left-overs, plus bought new.
Finished all the cooking I promised to do to freeze and bring to my son. Now to finish cleaning. It's just so depressing to do it all alone. That's why I pop over to the computer, nobody to talk to. Enjoy your kids