Friday, April 25, 2008

Applesauce, So Easy, It's Like Cheating

The other day I made applesauce to serve with "Savta Brei," our family Passover specialty. I used to make fresh, raw applesauce in the blender, before making the "potato mush" for the Savta Brei, but then my friend taught me her trick. It's so simply delicious!

  • peel and cut up some apples
  • put them in a pot with
  • some water, not a lot
  • sugar (brown's best)
  • and cinnamon
  • cook until soft
  • let cool a bit
  • then mash with a "potato masher"

That's it!

My 6 month old grandson ate some, and he's not used to food at all; my daughter has to go back to work next week, and we hope that he won't starve himself at the babysitter's like his sisters used to do.

After they left, I had some with cottage cheese, and then in the morning I finished it off with yogurt. And that means that I'll have to prepare more today, since they're coming over again.


Pesky Settler said...

Yep, that basically how I make my applesauce...

But I add some vanilla sugar on Pesach and home made pure vanilla extract during the rest o the year.

I also don't mash it per se... I stir until it until it mostly breaks down, leaving me with some chunkiness.

The baby loved it this year.

muse said...

Sounds good. I don't mash it to death, just enough so nobody says:
"That ain't appplesauce!"

The Book Reviewer said...

Tahnk Batya for Your Submiission at the ''Gramma Best Recipes'' Blog Carnival...

Chef Tom said...

my grandmother used to make amazing apple sauce from scratch!

muse said...

Roger, thanks,
chef Tom, I'm sure your grandmother's applesauce was really yummy.