Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pesach Cleaning

I've never been the "it takes a month" type of cleaner. I'm more the "a week's enough" sort. When we lived in a smaller home, I could devote a day per room and still have a few left for the kitchen. When the kids were younger, putting them all to work for a few days and the house was ready.

Now, I just can't handle it all physically. All the time in the world, and I can't get on my hands and knees, nor can I climb on the kitchen counters.

Yesterday I moved out the stove and "soaked the floor" to get the grime off. Some came off, but not all, so I poured some bleach, then water and then finally saw the tiles. It's not chametz, but it's disgusting. Yes, I should do it more than a few times a year. Moving the fridge is harder. I moved the beds in the rooms rarely entered not long ago. If I don't have help, I just won't do it again.

The only areas which really need Pesach cleaning are the areas which are for eating. If you eat, or your kids, spouse etc, all over your house/apartment, then you'll have lots more to do.

I also don't use any spray cleaners. I don't like the stuff in the air or on my skin or lungs. I mourn the demise of "Eazy Off" paste cleaner. Remember if the dirt/grime hasn't come off after being soaked and scrubbed, it's not chametz.

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