Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick, Easy, Healthy Cooking

When I popped over to my neighbor who is sitting shiva, (the Jewish weeklong mourning,) I discovered that it didn't look like food had arrived for lunch. So I ran back home to cook something for her. I figured that while I was at it, I'd make something healthy for myself, too.

Absolutely Delicious
Quick, Easy, Healthy
Fish & Veggies
  • Take a nice thick piece of frozen fish and put it in a baking pan
  • Slice sweet potatoes or yam and put next to the fish
  • Then take squash, slice and add, and then some onion
  • Dribble a bissel oil and season with pepper, garlic and paprika
  • Bake until ready.

Serve with a salad if you want. It really did not take long. It smelled and tasted great. I ran over to my friend with her portion and left her happily eating. I ate mine when I got home.


Leora said...

I'm glad she was able to eat. When I sat shiva, I had little appetite in the beginning of the week. By the end of the week, I was ravenous. Wish you had been around then to cook for me.

Batya said...

B"H, I'm glad she ate. The food was right out of the oven, smelled great.

I wish I could help you with a good meal or hot soup in the winter.

Southern Plate said...

Thank you for this fabulous entry into the first edition of the Carnival Of Simple Family Favorites! The carnival edition is up and can be found here