Thursday, September 18, 2008

...While Making Other Plans

The late John Lennon became known for a line in one of his last songs,

"Life is what happens when you're making other plans."

Yesterday was one of those days, at least for one of my neighbors. She called me, rather panicked, mid-morning that her TV was even worse, since a neighbor had tried to help fix it. The "Yes" technician was expected, and she hoped it wouldn't cost money to fix the connection.

A short while later she called again:

"Something really terrible happened."
"My brother just called. My mother died."

Yes, that's certainly a lot worse than a broken TV. So I started making calls, contacting rabbis, the doctor, neighbors etc. And I ran over, and at first we were both on the phones.

Within a couple of hours, a rabbi and neighbors and one of her kids were over. As the rabbi instructed us, I helped her with the kriya, the traditional ripping of the mourner's garment for her.

And then, I was able to resume my day and went to Jerusalem.

We never know what will be. Things can change so quickly.

Baruch Dayan Emett--G-d is the True Judge


Leora said...

I'm sorry to hear.

Batya said...

Not easy. One is never prepard.