Monday, September 15, 2008

Back, Yet Again

Yesterday, after posting that Havel Havelim, (see previous post), I was busy and didn't have a chance to get back to the computer.

I tried to get the house back in some semblance of order. The most important thing I did, besides some laundry, was to shrink the table. On Shabbat, since we were, bli eyin haraa, nine, it had been expanded to max with two leaves. I really like it at minimum, leaf-less, so I took out both, and we now have a nice round table with a bright and cheery tablecloth.

And of course I made it to the pool for the last Sunday of the season. It closes tomorrow.

Then I rushed to get ready for a weddng. A ride was leaving from Jerusalem, and I was afraid to make my hosts late, so I tremped. Baruch Hashem, I got three great rides and then just had to walk ten minutes' to our friends' apartment, where I was given lots of refreshing water.

The wedding was beautiful, but it was in the outdoor "event area" of Kibbutz Gezer. There were difficult stone stairs and lots of gravel. It was freightening and dangerous for our friends. We ended up leaving before the main course, but we had already eaten "two meals." The reception was delicious and filling, as were the salads and first course. A nice refreshing sorbet would have been great. Lots of people from our table at least left when we did. We got home late enough.

How many meals must one eat at a joyous occasion? Wouldn't a light snack when arriving, salads and one main course be enough before dessert?

Mazal Tov to the young couple and all their family.

There may be lots of typos, unnoticed by me. The spellcheck on blogger seems out.

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