Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Maybe I Should Start A Dieting Carnival

Yes, I know that I said that I didn't want dieting to dominate my life, but, yes, but...

When I was looking for blog carnivals to send my
Start Fresh kosher weight loss diet posts to, I didn't find any.

Now, considering how many people, and I'm sure that includes bloggers, diet, have dieted or should diet or will at some point diet, why aren't there lots of blog carnivals dedicated to dieting?

Yes, please don't remind me that I need another blog carnival like a hole in the head.


Leora said...

You need another carnival like a hole in the head.

Maybe there are other bloggers blogging about dieting? You could do a Google search of blogs and see what you find.

muse said...

My biggest "fear" is that most of the posts will just be ads, and I don't feel like giving free advertisements.

I'll set up a google alert for a few days and see what comes in.

I can always "cheat," like most carnival hosts do and use the instant blog carnival. But I can't imagine myself getting so low.