Friday, January 09, 2009

Worth The Frozen Toes and Swolen Fingers

Pictures and youtube in a later post. I'm updating my youtube with some great movies.

What we don't do for our kids...

Last night we finally made it to Kraft Stadium to see our baby play football. He's a star, you wouldn't expect anything else, defense player on the Jerusalem Big Blue Lions Tackle AFI Football Team.

Honestly, football is a dangerous brutal game, and the medics are kept busy. Ambulances wait by the exit, and injured players hop in, wielding their crutches, to cheer on their teammates. So is that the place for a neurotic, hysterical Jewish mother/grandmother?

Of course, I love my son! He looks great in his uniform, and I'm not going to post identifying features, because otherwise he'll disown me. You'll just have to guess, once the pictures are posted.

Just please remind me next time to get real thermal socks to go in my boots and a blanket to sit on. Last night I sat on my scarf, luckily I brought my really wide one, and thermal gloves. I can't control the camera buttons wearing them, so I wore my thinner ones. I'll have to try the leather, which can turn pages when it's cold in shul.

Strangely, the still photos came out dark, but the videos are bright and clear, taken with my Canon 620.


Anonymous said...

Parental pride...oh how I can relate. My children are now adults, but the events in their lives still move me to pride, and at times, you can find me teary-eyed.

Today, in the U.S., is a major football playoff between the Titans and the Ravens, for the Super Bowl.

Batya said...

Mine are also adults. My baby is 27, and he was at the Super Bowl last year. Strange to think that a kid of fanatic Zionists would end up being such a football fan.