Monday, August 09, 2010

Taking The Hint

I don't have the energy I once did.  That does happen to people.  Also, I'm on antibiotics, double-strength dose because of a bee sting.

Some of you may have noticed that the last post I posted last night didn't quite make sense.  It had typos and wasn't really complete.  Now it's fixed.  Simply put, I found myself sleeping on the chair, here in the den, with my hands on the keyboard.  So I logged off and closed production for the night.

It wasn't all that late, but I guess that it was late enough for me.  I was up early, as usual.  Then after some emails, blogging, coffee, put in a wash, dovening and minimal breakfast, I went to the pool.  Once I got home I checked in with the clinic (as described in previous post) heard from my daughter that I was to help take care of my grandson in Jerusalem, not Ofra, packed my stuff, ran to the clinic (at least a kilometer .6 miles from my house,) then to the grocers to buy a healthy snack, then two rides and a bus to my daughter's office, then with grandson and son-in-law for errands in Jerusalem, then back home, made them a late lunch, hung out the wash, helped watch the grandson while his father was working.  Then they went to the pool and then home and I had a snack, blogged/emailed, made dinner for me and my husband, ate, took a walk.

So,  little after that I conked out at the computer.  I took the hint and went to bed.


Anonymous said...

you really do have a very nice life.

Batya said...

Thank G-d