Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Lots of (Too Much) Leftovers

I must learn to re-plan my cooking.  We're an empty nest, yes, just two of us living in this family-sized home.  So there was no big problem fitting in my father when I brought him here from New York to live with us last October. 

When my father lived with us, we very rarely ate out.  Shabbat invitations were limited to his walking capabilities, and weekdays (unless he went with us) someone had to stay with him.  Most of the time only one of us went to a wedding or Bar Mitzvah.

For years already, I do my "big (meat, poultry, vegetables etc) cooking" on Thursday and Friday for Shabbat and we eat the leftovers all week long.  I pretty much got it down to a science and cooked exactly what we needed even when my father was here.  This week I see the fridge is still stocked.  I'll freeze what I can, but that doesn't include cooked vegetables.  I've already had some with tofu (also kept in the freezer, frozen in small serving-size pieces) and with my favorite cottage cheese.  I guess I ought to use some in my morning vegetable omelette, too.

I don't know why I cooked so much for Shabbat.  My married daughter and family came, but the kids don't eat all that much.  I expected them to take some food with them, but they didn't.  I'm also used to calculating food for my father, who thank G-d still has an appetite.

Time to recalculate and even intentionally make less, since there's a lot in the freezer to be finished.

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