Sunday, August 08, 2010

Allergy or Infection? What the Bee Happened? (post finally completed)

I had always, the past twenty plus years, had been sure that I suffer from an allergic reaction to bee stings.  But apparently it's not so simple.  Allergic reactions show almost immediately, but bacterial infections can take up to three days to appear.

I'm tired...

Sorry, that I stopped the post mid-writing.  I fell asleep at the computer.

Continuing about my recent bee sting.  Yesterday I called the clinic to report in about it and find out if I needed more antibiotics.  A different nurse was on duty and told me that the doctor must see it, since I reported that it was still red and swollen.  The verdict is at least two more days of antibiotics.  They both were very clear that I had no signs of allergy, just a strong tendency to get serious bacterial infections.  Also the Israeli bees, more like "yellow jackets," don't leave stingers to be removed.  That's what the docotr said when I mentioned that I still hadn't managed to remove the stinger.  He also said that antibiotic cream wouldn't do any good in my case.

When I reported all this to one of my daughters, she reminded me that I had felt better after putting a slice of garlic early after being stung, and garlic is a good antibacterial cure.

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