Friday, August 13, 2010

New York Kosher Restaurants, Three More

Sorry, but I somehow never got to blog about all the kosher restaurants I tried in New York this visit.

I got to eat in a few new ones. 

The night I landed I met up with my sister-in-law and family who hosted me, and they took me to a new dairy place, perfect for the culinary restrictions of the "nine days."
It's such a popular restaurant, we had to wait close to an hour out on the street until there was a table large enough for all of us.
I think the name is Noidu; it's on the upper west side of Manhattan.  The food was worth it, a great salad.  Everybody ordered something else and we all enjoyed our meals. 

A week later, I insisted on treating my hosts to a restaurant meal of their choice, and they chose Murray's on First Avenue and 15th Street, if I remember the address correctly. 
It was after Tisha B'Av, so we could have meat, which we did.  I had a very low carb meal, meat and lamb burgers sans roll, plus lots of grilled vegetables and salad.

My next culinary adventure was L'Bella Restaurant on Main Street in Flushing, Queens, not far from JFK Airport.  That's because it was the meal before the flight home .

My cousin and I walked up and down Main Street trying to choose between the wide variety of kosher restaurants.  I wanted a dairy place for either a good salad or fish meal, since I expected my British Airways meal to be horrendously stodgy and carb-loaded.  We chose this one and I began my meal with vegetable soup.
Then I had a nice big salad.  It really was delicious.

My cousin enjoyed his ravioli, too.

Kosher eating in New York doesn't take too much effort.

More and more restaurants offer very Israeli-style salads which is great for Israelis like myself.


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

Mmm... only been a couple of times, but food is one reason I love NYC! We'll have to try one when we're down there in 2 weeks!

Batya said...

I have no doubt that New York has the best variety of kosher restaurants out of Israel. Of course none were cheap, but the food has improved in quality, quantity and creativity. Salads are more like Israeli restaurants, a great treat for me. I didn't get to all that many... but maybe that's just my perception of the visit, since I didn't blog about at least one, a veteran one on Broadway. If you go to any I've recommended, tell them that you went because of my blog....

Enjoy your visit!