Saturday, August 28, 2010

Upgrading This Computer

Our long-time computer maven, Bram, died a few months, or is it already about a year, ago.  He took excellent care of this old computer, cleaning it of viruses, adding memory, hardware and software, frequently the freebies.  He kept more exact and professional records than most doctors.

My husband and I do our best not to abuse the computer, but today's internet demands much more memory than this computer has, even with all the extra memory we added.  So, the time came to find a new maven.  So, instead of a Brit speaking the queen's English, we now hear French-accented Hebrew.

And soon he'll be here to copy all sorts of files and then paste them onto a new memory hard-disk.  We have to trust and get used to his way of doing things and the programs he recommends.  There will be a new tower, black and silver instead of the pale one I've become so comfortable with.

If it were so easy to replace our brains with new memory capability.

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