Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Worse At Night

We'll skip the story why, but last night I had to get to Shvut Rachel.  Shvut is less than a kilometer, so barely half a mile east of my house in Shiloh... as the the crow flies.  Nu, I may make a lot of noise, but I'm no crow.

Going to Shvut Rachel from my house by paved road is longer, much longer.  Eyeballing it, I'd say it's at least three times longer, if not more.  Walking it isn't all that simple, since there aren't sidewalks by some of the roads.

I've walked it through the valley a number of times... in daylight.  I needed to go long after the sun went down.  You guessed it.  I walked.  The first third of the way was well-lit.  After that it got darker, and it got darker.  Looking up at my destination only made the unpaved road even darker yet.

Well, obviously if I'm writing this, I did it. I walked to Shvut Rachel at night.  I tried to psyche myself up to walk back, but luckily I didn't need to, since my hostess found someone to drive me, thank G-d.

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