Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Hot Flashes, No Just for The Menopausal

Yes, it's that hot here in Israel, unless you're among the lucky ones with airconditioning.  The water is just pouring out of me, from every pore.  I can't drink enough to replenish the missing liquids.

This recent heatwave has been going on for days and shows no signs of ending.

Day: Thusday 3/8/2010 (actually, it's Tuesday, but the weather site must also be suffering from the heat, or they have the same English "expert" who wrote this)

Temp City
35-22 Jerusalem
32-27 Tel Aviv
34-26 Haifa
38-24 Beer Sheva
27-16 Hermon
32-19 Merom Golan
36-23 katzerin
34-21 Galil
36-23 North Valley
35-22 Nazereth Illit
31-26 Nahariya
31-24 Carmel
32-27 Ashkelon
35-23 Shomron
34-22 bet-el
37-24 Maale adummim
34-21 Efrat
34-24 Ben Guryon
35-23 Arad
34-21 Mizpe Ramon
39-27 Tiberias
41-29 Jordan Valley
42-32 Ein-Gedi
43-30 Eilat
42-29 Sinai

Does this mean that it's going to get worse?


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

I'll take the 27. The rest... scary. :-o
This, plus my mothers' new Israeli neighbours marvelling at how green this country is, is giving me cold feet. Slightly. Hope it breaks soon!

Batya said...

G-d willing. Most people do have better cooling systems than we do. I'm very sensitive to extreme heat.