Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Eating Out in Jerusalem, Salads and A Treat

Before I traveled to the states, my computer, or was it a blogger problem, didn't post pictures, so I'm trying to make up for it now.

Like many people who try to avoid carbohydrates, I find myself ordering tuna salads when I eat in restaurants.  The salad below was at the coffee shop of the Harmony Hotel, on Yoel Solomon Street, Jerusalem, across from HaGov Kosher Sports  Bar & Grill.  On the menu, it was written that there were potatoes in the salad, but the waitress promised to serve mine without.  When I saw that they hadn't followed instructions, I sent it back.  When it came back without potatoes, the tuna looked rather minimal/skimpy, so I requested more and got it.  It doesn't pay to be shy.

The next tuna salad was at the Anna Ticho Museum Restaurant, Rav Kook Street, near Zion Square.  I had no complaints about this salad, since as you can see, it's just tuna, some hardboiled egg and salad.  I was there with some friends to celebrate a birthday of a close friend who makes old age look like something to look forward to.

I can't remember which salad this is, but it does look great.  The food and desserts at Anna Ticho are among the best in Jerusalem.  They now have the food concession for dairy at the renovated and enlarged Israel Museum.

We all shared the dessert!

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