Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bee Sting Update

My research after last night's bee sting made me consider an entirely new possibility.  The terrible swelling and heat which would develop after being stung wasn't a sign of allergy, it's an infection.  So today I decided to consult with my clinic, nurse, doctor. 

They agreed with that diagnosis and prescribed antibiotics, a strong dose for three days as a precaution to prevent the infection.  If it's OK on Sunday, that's it, and if not, I should go to the doctor.  Even better, I, who normally don't have any medications had just that antibiotic from my father's time with us.  I had bought it as a precaution before the trip to Arizona.  So I didn't even have to go down to the clinic.

And the nurse told me that the bad reaction not only gets worse with each sting, but it can take up to three days, 72 hours to appear.  That's why I need to take the antibiotics for three days, two pills twice a day.  Too bad I didn't know that last night.

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