Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How Many Eggs?

The standard for counting eggs is counting yolks. 

Here's one of my typical daily breakfasts. So, how many eggs do I eat every morning?  There are four egg yolks on the plate with the onion and squash.

The yolks are neatly paired off.  That's the hint.  Yes, these eggs are twins.  For a couple of weeks, twin egg yolks came out of each egg from our local organic egg business.

Yes, I'm an egg-eater.  I consider eggs one of the healthiest food G-d created for us.  It's a complete protein and doesn't need processing, other than cooking.  The fat isn't a problem, because I don't eat yellow cheese, which is totally processed with all sorts of artificial ingredients and additives.  Read the labels.  Eggs, especially organic like the ones I buy, are much healthier than hard, yellow cheese and most dairy products.


Keli Ata said...

I've never really been one for breakfast but your has my mouth watering.

BTW: You take a lot of pictures in restaurants, too. Has anyone asked if you're a food critic?

Batya said...

If blogs are part of the media, and I blog about food, I guess I am a food critic.
ps I always eat a good breakfast.