Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Please Don't Predict Snow!

All of these are photos I took at earlier snows.

It's much easier on me to just wake up and be surprised by all the pristine white.

Granted I'm decades past the age when I'd risk freezing my hands and fingers to do sculpture aka snowmen like these.

I leave such art projects to others, like my neighbors.

And besides photoshoots, I'd rather not take a walk.  And although the pool can look pretty full, it's not for swimming.

One thing I wish you is safety, walking and traveling.  Riding in the snow I'll never again feel secure after having been in an accident a number of years ago.

So, if it's going to snow, fine, just please don't keep harping on it days in advance.

Stay safe
Warm and safe 


Hadassa said...

Sorry, but for those of us who make, and change, travel plans based on the weather, snow predictions are very useful. Predictions aren't prophecies so there's always some surprise left.

Batya said...

Hadassa, yes, I can understand that. An azkarah we were to have attended today at Har Herzl has been postponed.