Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tackle Football in Israel, Playing for Uriel

This year's season opener for the Israeli tackle football team, the Jerusalem Lions had a very special event, Playing for Uriel.  They've "adopted" Uriel Wang.

The Big Blue Lions players were joined by the opposing team, the Judean Rebels, in following and supporting Uriel as he scored!
For the past two years, 10 year old Uriel Wang of Jerusalem has been battling a rare form of Leukaemia, relapsing 4 times. In May, after a long search for a bone marrow match, Uriel underwent his second bone marrow transplant. Uriel is now home, adjusting to life and gaining back his strength.
My good friend, Ruti whose husband coaches the Rebels, blogged about it.  When our sons play against each other we always wish each other a fair and injury-less game.  We care about midot, sportsmanship and derech eretz.  If it were up to us, the games would end with tied scores.  Remember that we're Jewish mothers and grandmothers, so we see the world a bit differently from competitive athletes.

Watch Uriel's touchdown!

One of my favorite things about the Jerusalem Lion's games is that win or lose they thank their fans, and the fans thank them for their efforts.

In all honesty,  I have no doubt that it's extremely difficult to see what's happening around you while wearing those helmets.  And running with those bulky shoulder pads/contraptions must be awkward.  So I don't like it when anything nasty is said about the players who play fair and try hard.


rutimizrachi said...

I also love when the Lions rush out to greet their fans. It is so elegant and shows such a team spirit -- that the Lions think they are a better team because of their fans -- and I know this is why your fans are probably the best at cheering their team on. (Though we on the Rebels love when you cheer "Yerushalayim," because then we all win, don't we?)

Coach Eastman has taught his high school team the Lions' applause for the fans, because it teaches the midah of gratitude.

Batya said...

Ruti, thanks so much.
All of this cheering, win or lose, in both directions is exactly the derech eretz we want to see in sport. The games end with the opposing players shaking hands, which is also a wonderful thing. I also enjoy when during the game opposing players help each other up. It's just wonderful when they see each other as people (and friends) even in the middle of the game.

rutimizrachi said...

I totally agree!

Batya said...

no surprise

Anonymous said...

When American football is occuring in its indigenous habitat, it just so happens that football players get SHOWERED with "cleathunters". AKA female groupies who aren't very tznius-dik about their female instincts to get mated with an Alpha Male. The younger the girl, the stronger the instinct.

This isn't a whiny complaint (from me, a non-athlete). The simple fact is that up until, oh, a century ago - giving birth was an EXTREMELY risky event for a human female. Biology is full of examples of the fact that getting knocked up by the Alpha of the Clan is the single best way for a female to maximize great-grandchildren per childbirth-event.

This un-conscious behaviour by females was STRONGLY SELECTED FOR, for hundreds of thousands of years. DNA statistical-analysis repeatedly points to the fact that, throughout human evolution, more than half of the males never had any genetic offspring. Well.... not any SURVIVING ones.

There is nothing we nerds can do or say to change that reality.

Batya said...

a, I haven't noticed any of that here. The females are mostly wives, serious girlfriends, mothers and sisters.