Monday, December 23, 2013

The Best Hamburger in Jerusalem and Escaping the Blizzard

As I wrote in the previous post, while being a "blizzard DP bag lady gypsy," I invited myself to the home of Israel Brews and Views.  And then I suggested to Isramom that she meet me for dinner at HaGov, The Lion's Den, my favorite sports bar and grill, 5 Yoel Solomon Street, Kikar Zion, Jerusalem.

For those in the know, HaGov, isn't just a bar, it's one of the best popular priced kosher meat restaurants in Jerusalem.  The reaction I once heard from a visiting American was:
"I never thought you could get such delicious hamburgers in Israel."
with a side order of salad

with a side order of onion rings
I don't usually order hamburgers or eat them, but I do at HaGov. That's what Isramom and I ordered, one of their various hamburgers. We got the standard size, but it's possible to get giant ones, too.

Our full, filling meals cost us only ns55, which is the price of a salad in many of the dairy restaurants.  HaGov's hamburger is definitely good value for the money.  I also had beer, chosen by the bar owner, since I'm no maiven.  I trusted him and his choice was good.

We were there during "happy hour" before the crowds.  When we walked in I discovered that I wasn't the only blizzard refugee from Shiloh there.  My neighbor was enjoying a similar meal.  He came with his computer and was working while eating.  And for those who want it as a sports bar, which it really is, there are screens all over the walls showing various games.  The staff is very cooperative about showing the game you want to see whenever possible.

Drop in at 5 Yoel Solomon Street, or give them a call 052-870-9993.  They're open in the evening until very late, depending on the games and customers.


Pesky Settler said...

Oh wow, they make their own onion rings. I am definitely impressed. So when are they going to expand and open a second branch in the Petach Tikvah/Ramat Gan/Tel Aviv area?

Batya said...

call and ask the boss, Pesky