Sunday, December 15, 2013

Too Sad Havel Havelim and Life 3 Days Sans Electricity

Here in Israel we've been snowed in and I even can be called a "DP" since it was recommended that Shiloh evacuate, because we haven't had electricity for three days.  They brought in a few generators, but I was already on the way with my son-in-law to their house.  But I can't complain. These are just minor inconveniences compared to the pain and sadness of the Bima Ima whose son Sam lost his battle against the ninja leukemia.

Baruch Dayan Ha'emet, HaMakom yenachem
We didn't have electricity for three days, and if you would have asked me if I could go three days without internet, computer, blogging, emails, facebook etc, I'd say no, but the truth is yes.  For sure there are lots of things I missed or heard very late, like the sad news about Sam, but I must admit that I survived pretty well. Considering there wasn't much running water, no heat, almost no phonelines...

I only discovered that Sam was no longer in the pain if this world when I looked at the latest Havel Havelim on Esser Agaroth.  If I had been home I would have screamed, but I controlled myself.  I didn't want to frighten the grandkids.

As usual, this Esser Agaroth Havel Havelim is top notch.  There's a wide variety of blog posts.  Please read and share. Also join our blogging community by contributing to HH and hosting, too.
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I still can't get over the fact that I survived, sort of, almost seventy hours, just short of three days without electricity, water and all the modern conveniences they bring us. One of those three days was Shabbat, when we only communicate with G-d and people within shouting distance.   Actually, I saw nobody but my husband and one guest over the first two days and a three days if you count Thursday when we still had water, electricity, Internet etc, plus lots of cold rain.  I spent that day cooking up a storm, which was good, because I even baked challot, and I didn't have to send my husband searching for them in the store. And we didn't have to eat matzot.

On Friday and Shabbat the sun was hidden, and I just didn't feel like going out until today, Sunday when the sun came out glowing gold in the blue sky. The white snow sparkled like diamonds.  I did take oodles of pictures, but I can't post them now since I'm not home.

May all this snow be a blessing, a white shroud on the Holy Land, and may Sammy's family feel the love and comfort so many of us are trying to send them...


Lorri M. said...

This is a lovely tribute to Sam and his family.

I hope you are managing okay due to the electricity situation.


Batya said...

I just hope that Sam's family and loved ones can feel the love we're sending them through G-d's "internet."
I'm fine, bli eyin haraa, can't complain.

Lorri said...

I agree...hoping they feel all of the love...during this heartbreaking time.

I am glad you are fine...

Batya said...

amen, thanks