Monday, December 30, 2013

Planning Another Trip

With my father still alive in Arizona, I'll be going there again in a few weeks.  There were years I didn't travel abroad at all.  But since my parents became too old to travel to Israel I started going there once, now twice a year. My mother passed away early summer, so now it's just my very elderly father who lives near my sister.

This year I'll combine the AZ trip with visiting cousins in Miami.  I've never been to Miami, FL before.  I've always wanted to go, ever since my mother's oldest and younger sisters moved there with their families when I was little. One cousin and his family are still in Florida, and they have always been telling me that I'm invited.  They were in Israel a few years ago, and we had a wonderful time together.  This year I'm taking them up on their offer.

I have my Arizona Shabbat plans set with the people I stayed with last January, and I still have to set up the Miami, Florida end. That's what happens when you're the only strictly Torah observant Shomer Shabbat person in a large Jewish family.  But I'm not worried. G-d willing, it will all work out.  (Invitations appreciated.)

And as for the blog carnivals I coordinate, we have a debut hostess lined up for the Adar Alef Kosher Cooking Carnival,  Food Discovery, and I'm looking for a few volunteers for Havel Havelim.  If you'd like to host, please let me know, thanks.


Tzivia in AliyahLand said...

I have known too many people who don't make the effort to visit relatives in "difficult" places from a Jewish standpoint (Shabbat, kashrut). It's a ton of extra work but definitely the right thing to do. Hope all the arrangements fall into place easily!

Batya said...

Tzivia, I keep a covered pot, knife and cutting board at my sister's. That way I can make my own food and not always feel hungry and cranky. Most visits we don't even go to kosher restaurants. I also stock up on fruit and nuts and treat myself, at least once, to a meal of Hagen Daz mint ice cream.
I do drink their coffee made from freshly ground beans.
But I do prefer making Shabbat arrangements. Sometimes it's nice to take a break, and I do need Shabbat without causing extra stress on my hosts.

Netivotgirl said...

The only reason I don't visit MY Dad in San Fran. CA is that neither I nor my Dad have the money for it. Otherwise I'd go for a visit, difficulties and all! I was there once with 2 daughters and we had to stay at a place with an electric door- problematic on Shabbat. I spoke with management and on Shabbat a lovely Asian woman opened it for us. We didn't use the pots there; lived off of tuna fish ; crackers; etc. Kibbud Horim is not picking up a phone and saying 'Chag Sameach/Shabbat Shalom.' It's visiting them when they are old and infirm and in NEED of you to do so!!

Lorri M. said...

It is nice that you visit, not only making your father feel good about it, but also yourself. You seem to have things under control with the food/cooking issue. I love your meal of Hagen Daz.

If you are passing through LAX and have a layover, by any chance...let me know...

Batya said...

Netivotgirl, the money davka comes from what my in-laws left us, ironic. My sister saves a pot and stuff bought by my daughter when she visited.
Lorri, this visit is on BA via London. Another time, G-d willing, thanks.