Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Israel, Big Country, Small Country All in One

Yesterday morning it was pretty dangerous trying to get out of my daughter's home in Ofra.  From her door to the steps which go down to the street were treacherous with hidden, hard to see patches of slippery glass-like ice, and there was nothing to grab.

Thank G-d I made it down safely and then had to walk in the middle of the street dodging angry cars which were crawling along.  Kids were off to their late start school day, the first since the big snow.

One of the drivers offered me a ride as far as the supermarket, which was very helpful, though I certainly need the exercise.  Then I walked to the bus stop/trempiada, which was empty.  That made me pretty optimistic about finding rides to Sha'ar Binyamin.  Considering all the snow and ice in Ofra and the fact that I had been in an accident in a place I'd be passing, I was very nervous about the trip and would have gladly paid for a bus.  But I certainly wouldn't and didn't turn down the offer for a ride less than a minute after getting there.

The road was clear and dry, clean of snow and ice.  It was just decorated on both sides with a ribbon of white snow.  Thank G-d I got to Sha'ar Binyamin in no time and then was totally and utterly shocked and surprised to discover that there wasn't a drop of snow in Sha'ar Binyamin barely twelve minutes away.

At work, staff and customers exchanged snow and no stories.  You'd think the country as large as the Continental United States.  Some places had no snow and others, like Ofra were pretty snowed in.  When I saw neighbors, we asked each other if we were living at home or now, since the electricity problems will continue for an indefinite period.  A couple of those tall metal "danger" towers had collapsed. from the weight of the snow or whatever.

In the morning the store and Rami Levy were pretty empty, but by the time I left in the afternoon, you'd think a storm was coming.  How much do people eat?  Didn't they stock up for a month just a week before when the snow had been predicted?

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