Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Sky, When Will it Rain Again?

Due to some strange snafu, I somehow erased all the pictures on the camera's memory disc.  There were some that I hadn't yet copied onto the computer, so they are just plain gone.

While I was out walking this afternoon I spoke to neighbors who are worried that it hasn't rained yet, meaning since the snow which ended two weeks ago.  Yes, it's strange to think that the snow stopped falling two weeks ago, since there's still some  snow on the ground here in Shiloh. We have never, ever had snow last so long.  Two or three days was considered top, but two weeks!?!

It is pretty dry, cold but dry.  I know we need rain, but I prefer that it only rain at night.  I need sunshine to feel cheerful and be active.

There's one thing I do enjoy winter time and that's the sky.

And the sky is always the best when viewed from a nice warm home or vehicle.

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