Friday, January 10, 2014

Learning How To Use A Smartphone

Yes, yesterday I bought a smartphone.  Of course I came up with a very basic problem.  My fingers are just too fat to hit the right letters.  I've been watching everyone else (except my husband, but he'll get one in a few weeks) both older and younger than me tapping and swiping like pros.  It's a Galaxy II Plus.  In the end I bought it at Bug, which is a computer whatever chain.  There are branches all over, and they also have reps signing people up for Golan cellphone service, which we have, too.

The same son who taught me how to use my digital camera, the old, trusty Canon 620, helped me get started on my smartphone. He didn't like my choice in rings, but I tried to explain that it must be loud an annoying for me to hear it.  He has promised, or was it threatened, to download a nice Beatles song.  The problem with that will be that I'll sing along instead of answering.

And talking about answering the phone... that he didn't show me.  I figured out how to make calls without any real problem and even guessed what to press to activate the number I had just dialed and then to end the call.  But when I told my husband I needed to find out if it really rings and call me I couldn't' figure out how to answer it.  I kept tapping of course, which is wrong.  When I got home I tried to unwind on the computer a bit and asked my facebook friends and followers.  Luckily one managed to give me enough hints which helped.

Since the guys in the store hadn't hours to send all the numbers to my phone via bluetooth or whatever, now I need everyone to call me so I can add their numbers easily.  If you have my number, then I need you to call and identify yourself, ok?  Thanks!


Bracha said...

I have never felt as stupid as i do when using my smart phone :-) I've had it for 3 months and am still getting used to it. But what makes it all worthwhile is being able to "What'sApp" with my kids and having them send pictures and videos of the grandchildren!

Batya said...

I signed up for that, because the other workers at Yafiz have it. This will be quite a challenge to keep my mind young.

Shira Salamone said...

I've had mine for over six months, and still haven't figured out how to use all the features properly. But it's handy for shopping lists--I can e-mail them from home or work to myself and my husband, so that whoever's available can do the shopping.

Batya said...

Shira, my neighbor came by us for Havdala, so afterwards I asked him how to turn it off. I was horrified at how little battery was left after being on and UNUSED over Shabbat.