Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tried and Failed

New saga going on here.  Now that I'm the owner of a smartphone I see how stupid I am.

Last night I had to ask a neighbor who recently bought an even more primitive Samsung how to turn mine off.  When my son gave me a quick tutorial on my Galaxy II Plus, he probably showed me, but there was so much new data to absorb it was beyond my abilities/limited memory.

In a week and a half I'll be flying to the states and I want to be able to blog from the phone when I'm there.  I don't expect my stubby fingers to type much, but I'd like to be able to blog pictures or even videos as a travelogue when I'm there.  So far I've had zero luck in getting the smartphone to cooperate.  I know that people do it, so I guess I'm just not smart enough yet.  Yes, "yet."

Just because I'm not sufficiently "intuitive" to figure out how to do it doesn't mean that I can't learn. If there's anyone out there who can help me, I'm grateful.  And if there's anyone whose phone number I need to have in the phone, please send it to me, because I need to reenter almost all of my phone numbers. Thanks for your patience, cooperation and tolerance.


Bracha said...

You can buy an inexpensive, wireless keyboard that can "bluetooth" with your phone, and use that for blogging and sending emails. I used one with an ipad while traveling, and it was great. Here's one on amazon:

Rickismom said...

With gallaxy you dont need so much a separate keyboard as the face of the phone is larger than an iphone; and you can MOVE the curser for editing.
I have an S 3 , so it may be different....
To close temporarily press button on right side a bit. A long push will give you the option to shut off.

Batya said...

Bracha, thanks, I'll check it out.
rm, it'll take practice. I was trying to blog a picture. I couldn't find out how to send the picture.

Maya Bery said...

With the Samsung phones, you can also switch your text input from touching every letter individually to Swype. Swype lets you just run your finger from letter to letter and predicts the words you're trying to type. Might be better for blogging :)

Batya said...

Maya, it can also get annoying when they guess incorrectly.