Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wonderful Tremping, With a Little Help From My Friends

The sky may have had been cloudy today, but good people found me and I got home pretty easily, Baruch Hashem, Thank G-d.   Or did I find them...

People always wonder how I travel.  OK, sometimes by bus.  And sometimes by rides and sometimes a combination.  And Baruch Hashem, I make it home.

Today after working, I went into Rami Levy to do just a bit of shopping.  Really, not much at all.  I had only four things, but it was one of those Murphy events.  The cashier was about to switch. She first had to finish with the previous customer, count her money and then let the next one take her chair. And I had to wait.  I was getting nervous, not because I didn't have a ride, but because I was afraid that my ride was going to leave before I checked out the four measly items I had decided to buy.

I had noticed a friend on the next line.  She lives in Ofra and travels by car.  She said/signalled that she'd drive me to there, half way home.  She paid, and I was still waiting. But luckily she had wanted to buy something next door n Yafiz.  I was still waiting.   Finally I checked out and found her wagon.  It all worked out. We left together.

On the road I spotted the 148 which goes to Shiloh.  We passed it, and I told her, so she dropped me off in Ofra near the bus stop.

After a few minutes the bus came and just as I as searching for my carfare, I saw a neighbor of mine get out. Now, why should she be getting off in Ofra when she lives in Shiloh?  Ahh hah!  She must have left her car in Shiloh and maybe she'd be driving home, so I called to her  and asked.

Yes, I had a ride up to my streets!  Wonderful!!

Always surprises....

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