Friday, January 31, 2014

Trying to Catch Up, Chodesh Tov, Adar Alef, May it be Full of Joy and Rain

Chodesh Tov everyone.  It's Rosh Chodesh Adar Alef, which really should be called Sh'vat Bet...

The Jewish Calendar, in olden, Biblical days wasn't pre-planned.  Everyone would watch the night sky to see the moon fading and getting smaller. There were experts on a mountain near today's Kochav Hashachar in the southern Jordan Valley who could spot the very beginning of the new moon.  Then they'd send signals out to the rest of the Land of Israel and the new lunar month would begin.  At this time of the year they'd have to make a quick decision about whether or not there should be two months of Adar.  In a year like this when not enough rain fell, they'd hope for an extra month of winter and declare this new moon Adar Alef. All of the regular Adar birthdays, yartzeits and the Purim Holiday would be pushed off to the Second Adar.  Only birthday and yartzeits that originally occurred in an Adar Alef are commemorated in Alef.

I'm not home at the present, so I didn't make it to Tel Shiloh to doven with my friends.

But since it's the end of the week there still is a Havel Havelimm, this week on A Jewish Israel. Please check it out and all of the included links.  Comment and share, thanks.  Updated Havel Havelim news can be found on our facebook page.  Send your links via blog carnival. Hosts welcome, thanks.

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