Sunday, January 05, 2014

Recovering from the Trauma of the Blizzard

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Many of my neighbors are shopping for small generators and non-electric heaters.  I'd love to find a new gas wall heater, but apparently, they are no longer marketed here.  Small gas heaters that can be mounted on the wall are "out of style."  Years ago, when I was cook in the maon, baby daycare center, that was how they were heated.  I don't want a heater that we can trip over, store away and must move and "plug in" when needed. I also don't want another neft kerosene one when it's impossible for us to buy the fuel.  Years ago we had one of those, but the upkeep wasn't worth it.  Generators also need fuel and upkeep. A large home heater using fuel can cost more than moving to a hotel in warmer climates for the rare few days every few years we may need it.  We did survive the snow sans heat, electricity and water...

Neighborhood trees did worse than we did.

There are actually few years when we are without electricity long enough to make a private generator a necessity, but the undeniable trauma of this recent blizzard has people totally freaking out.

I'm being very cautious, because it seems that Murphy's Law will rule and if I spend money I really don't have on a generator or new non-electric heating system, we won't really need it in the near future.  And those things need so much care.  One of the emails to the Shiloh list mentioned replacement parts and service for the small generators.  None of this is local or even Israeli.

The only thing I may agree to do is to change our gas canisters to the large ones, so I'd have enough gas to keep food hot and cooking when there's no electricity on Shabbat especially.  With a large gas canister, then almost any gas heater would be an idea.  We could always move into the livingroom when there's no electricity.

But right now the sun is shining, and G-d willing the repaired electricity supply towers will be stronger than the ones that collapsed.

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