Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Knowing NBN Bone Zion Winners!

It's always nice when you discover that people you've known for years are prize winners.

Nefesh B'Nefesh has established a prize for veteran olim, Bone Zion , and I know at least two of them.

I've been studying in Matan for a number of years, so I know the founder Director Malke Bina.

Actually I first heard of her way back when in Bayit Vegan.  We were both young mothers at the time, and I had heard that she was giving shiurim, Torah classes.  I remember seeing her in the street and her being pointed out to me, though I couldn't go to those classes.  Life was different then when I was busy taking care of my children who were young.  Everything in its time.  Now I don't need to find a babysitter, so I can do what I couldn't do thirty or forty years ago.  And now my week revolves around the Matan classes I take. One of my daughters had also studied in Matan, though full-time, for a year before starting her career.  When I reached the point in life when I could study, she told me that I must go to Matan, I'd love it, and she's right.

Another of the Prize winners is Dry Bones aka Yaakov Kirschen.

I don't remember how we first met f2f, but we did know each other somehow by the time he started blogging his cartoons.

Here we are at the First International Jewish Bloggers Conference
I certainly wish them and all the other winners the best and good health to continue their great work.

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