Monday, January 13, 2014

Havel Havelim on Esser Agaroth and Calling For Galaxy II Plus Tips

As some of you must know by now, I've finally jumped in to the world of the smartphone and I'm barely treading water near the edge of the lake.  First I was going to write pond, then I decided that a pond is too small and shallow, then I though of a pool, but a pool is too easy to get out of with sides to be grabbed and ladders.  This smartphone is a giant lake, like that freezing Lake Sebago in Maine I remember from some camp I worked at when I was fifteen.  I babysat my neighbor's daughter since she (the mother) was head of waterfront. You can do almost anything with a smartphone, and I haven't quite caught on sufficiently besides the usual cellphone stuff plus checking email.  A few years ago, one of my sons showed me his new smartphone and said:
"Here's my laptop."
I know that it can do most anything a computer can do, but I just haven't yet figured it out.  I don't have the most advanced, just the Galaxy II Plus, highly recommended by others.  Suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

And now to the main course of this post, Havel Havelim very ably hosted by Esser Agaroth. Havel Havelim is one of the most veteran blog carnivals in the universe.  It's a weekly collection of blog posts by Jewish and Israeli bloggers concerning Israel and Jewish issues, ideas etc.  Check it out, read and share, thanks.

We coordinate who's hosting etc on our facebook page.  You can also email me (shilohmuse at gmail dot com) if you're interested in taking on a week, which is a good way to promote your blog.  Blog posts can be submitted via blog carnival though you have to sign up with them first.  It's easy and of course free.  Blog carnival also provides the host with a very helpful "sample carnival" including all the links and basic text, which the host can then edit. Hosts, of course, can and should add more posts.

There's also a monthly Jewish blog carnival, Kosher Cooking Carnival which I coordinate.  It also has a facebook page and blog carnival account.

I suggest getting in the habit of sending in your links to the carnivals immediately after posting something special, so you don't forget to do it. Enjoy reading and blogging.


Shira Salamone said...

Being "blessed" with a poor memory, I found it handy to include my own cell phone number in my Contacts list, just in case I forget it--after all, it isn't every day that I call *myself.* :)

Batya said...

Lots of people don't know their number. I know mine because we originally got a package of a series of 6 numbers when my elder son went into the army. Now just three of us use them, ending with 5, 6 and 7. I'm 6.