Monday, January 20, 2014

More Adventures in The Arts

A few months ago I fell in love with beading after spending a couple of hours beading with friends.  I'd love to set up a beading corner in "the boys' room" and make jewelry to give as gifts. So far I haven't done it, but I'm dreaming.

Now I have another art medium to enjoy, mosaics!

I did a project the other night at our Shiloh Celebrating 36 Party.  Honestly, I had never, ever, ever, ever done this sort of art.  The aim of the evening was for us to produce signs with our names to put up on our homes.

First we had to choose our colors from the variety of ceramic tiles provided.  The letters had been ordered according to which families signed up. Over one hundred of the three hundred plus families in Shiloh participaed. We were told to set up our picture on the wooden board.  That meant somehow cutting breaking them into pieces that would be arranged "artistically" around the letters of our name.

Those with long names of more than seven letters got bigger boards and had much more to do. I couldn't get the clipper to cut, so I just banged with the hammer, very therapeutically.  One should never waste opportunities, and I wasn't the only one.  The noise was like a platoon taking down a large cement building with large hammers.

We were told to plan our sign on the board, take it off, spread the glue/cement  and then reproduce the work of art on the wet cement.  I decided that there was an easier way. I planned/designed it on the table.  If I had wanted it really perfects and detailed, I would have traced the size of the board, but I'm not that sort of artist.  Also, I do have a good knack for judging size and volume.  I ended up taking just the amount of tiles I needed to fill the board, even though I have zero experience.

Finalizing/setting the pieces on the board proved a bit more complicated than it should have been when the non-artistic part of the program got underway and they turned off the lights to show a film about our outgoing Mazkir, Town Manager.  Luckily one of my neighbors set up her smartphone to light things up a bit, but the final product didn't quite turn out the way I had wanted it to look.

But I did have a good time.  Now how are we supposed to hang it up?


Lorri M. said...

How fun! I like your finished sign, even if it isn't how you wanted it.

Suggestion for hanging: They have those peel and stick hooks, they might work, using more than one on the back. Or, use a frame hook on the back (one that looks like a comb), and attach it to a nail on whatever surface you hang it on.

Batya said...

Thanks Lorri, it looks even better now, since I added the filler. It's very heavy. The community offered a special deal in which they'll subsidize the hanging, which will be done by a young man. I'm relieved. I was afraid we'd never get it up.