Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Such a Pretty Store

I've been shopping for gifts to bring to the states all over.  Some I've bought from neighbors, but I don't want to give an details about those until they are given out.  I have to make sure there's some suspense.

For one of the hosts I ended up going to my favorite gift shop, an old one in Jerusalem, Gans  It's a treasure trove of gorgeous things.

The store in downtown Jerusalem, 8 Rivlin Street, 10 AM-7 PM Sunday through Thursday, 10 AM-2 PM on Fridays.  Customers who buy in the store can join their "Customer fan club."  The staff is wonderful, friendly and very helpful.  Please tell them that I sent you.


suri613 said...

Thank you for your kind words about Gans & the staff. It's important to us that everyone who enters our door leaves with a smile, whether or not they make a purchase. Israelis can join Moadon Gans (no fee to join, no membership card to clutter their wallets). Customers who mention this post will receive 10% off their purchase. Among the things I love about working at Gans (for well over a decade) is being surrounded by the work of over 90 very talented Israeli artists, meeting the lovely people who come to shop (from Israel & abroad), and working with such great people. The staff at Gans all feel like "family". Hope your hosts like the gift that you bought & that you're enjoying every minute of your trip. Shabbat Shalom! Suri

Batya said...

Suri, thanks so much.