Friday, April 11, 2014

Getting Ready for Passover, A Couple of Things

I just want to throw out a couple of ideas.

Persian Rice for Pesach
One is about the big Ashkenaz-Sephardi divide over kitniyot. I blogged it on Shiloh Musings and highly suggest that you read about it. I had debated on whether or not to blog about it here, since this is the "food blog," but I decided that the issue is more than food, so it's on Shiloh Musings. Please read, comment and share, thanks.

My second short topic is an easy to use and effective reminder for counting the omer, aka a sefira reminder. The first time I actually got through the entire 49 days of counting was when I had a free sms cellphone reminder buzzing me every night. I've also signed up for a large number of email reminders over the years. But in recent years I found the simplest solution was just to program my phone to send me a personal "sefira alert/alarm/reminder." Of course this doesn't help us with the hardest night of the week, Friday night or the Eve of the last night of Passover. That's when my phone is off and not with me.

Now to get ready for Shabbat, Pesach and a big football game.

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