Thursday, April 10, 2014

Skipping Rooms as I Clean for Passover

First of all, I'm also "skipping blogs" this morning, since I must leave the computer and start serious Passover cleaning in the kitchen.  Since Jewish Israel's Ellen has posted a very important article (or teaser for the complete one) on my Shiloh Musings about Lincoln Square Synagogue's giving a dangerous missionary a platform to speak to Jews, I'll let that suffice for this morning's post.

Since I don't have much help at home, and Passover is very soon, and I work at a job that does not take vacation before Passover to help the staff. Actually, since it's a clothing store, our workload and work hours are much longer and harder than usual, I'm working more before Passover. I also really want to go to the ISRAEL BOWL VII // Tel Aviv Pioneers vs. Jerusalem Lions on Friday. I need your prayers to get home safely before Shabbat.

So, even though there are rooms in this "empty nest" house that haven't been thoroughly cleaned, I've started the kitchen. We don't eat in the bedrooms. At most I have to find places for chametz pans that have been sleeping on beds. Five out of six "spare beds" have been cleared. No chametz enters the den, which looks like a storeroom.

Closet number one #1 was covered last night.

Here I come with rags, cleaners and rubber gloves!

So, kitchen, I know your number!

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