Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Doing Dishes by Candlelight

The other night there were some strange electric outages. Strange, because there was no wind, rain, cold or heat to put strain of any sort on the system. It was a warm, spring night. We needed to neither heat nor cool the house. I was tired after a long day of work, Pesach cleaning and shooting pictures at a neighbor's Bat Mitzvah.

The darkness continued minute after minute. I needed to wash the dishes. The sink was overflowing. So I took a candle and set it up by the sink. I really couldn't see much, but since I also wash by feel, even though I do wear gloves when doing the dishes, I just began scrubbing. I figured that if any were still dirty the next day I could just return them to the sink.

So I did the dishes, and in the end they were all clean. The electricity returned. I have no idea what the cause was of the outage.

All that remains to clean up is the candle.


Hadassa said...

Very nice. I NEVER manage to get my dishes clean when I have to wash them in the semi-darkness.
The electricity may have been intentionally shut down for repairs. The electric company does usually warn about shut-downs, but sometimes, especially late at night or for a short time, there is no warning.

Batya said...

I use very hot water and can feel the dirt even through my gloves.