Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Shot From Below, 52Frames

Here's the photo I chose.

"Aiming High"
This is the bottom of a special Sabbath and Holiday Prayer Readers Platform of an Cochin Indian synagogue reconstructed in the Israel Museum. It juts out of the Women's Gallery.
The title I gave this photo, "Aiming High," is a pun; it has double meaning. Not only do I have to aim my camera high when shooting from below, but I photographed a place of prayer. And don't we "aim high" when we pray?
And here are some of the "rejects." Did I choose wrong or right?


Rickismom said...

I like the globe best, but it could be that the one you chose was a better photo....

Batya Medad said...

Thanks for commenting. I had fun taking that shot, but was sure the 52Frames crowd wouldn't go for it. But in the end the one I chose got no real reactions. OK, the week before was a great success, and I hope the one I choose from this week is better.