Friday, January 15, 2016

Grrr.. Complaint about my Flights

As you know I just came back from two weeks plus in the states, and on the whole it was a great trip. The two aims were to be at a special wedding on my husband's side in New York and to see my father and sister in Arizona. And those two things went well, thank Gd.

In terms of family, I just didn't see enough of my many relatives who live in the states, but I did see a couple of cousins and some old dear friends. And my shopping was pretty successful, too. That's what these visits are full of family, friends shopping, right?

In terms of safety and logistics, comfort, timing etc. my traveling by United (Continental) Air was fine, though the landing skills of the Newark-Phoenix pilot, who also took us to Albuquerque for refueling, was the worst in my memory. His landing felt almost like crashes, Gd forbid. But there was no damage/injuries, thank Gd. And davka for that flight I didn't see a questionnaire in my inbox.

But my real complaint was that for both the flights to and from Phenix-Newark that only didn't staff at the gate properly count and measure all of the suitcases, bags and carryons people were bringing into the plane, the flight attendants didn't keep them from filling the overhead bins with their winter coats.

That resulted in their announcing that all of Boarding Group 5, yes, yours truly, had to check in our carryons. Since blankets are no longer provided on domestic flights, they went the way of free meals and even snacks--not that I always used/use them, people should have had been told to cover themselves and not be bin hogs. The first time it happened I had to go off to the side and take out some things I did not want to lose and stuff them in the backpack.

And on the final leg, when I had five hours to kill in Newark Airport my back and shoulders were killing me from schlepping and taking on and off the backpack, which I couldn't put on my wheeled bag, which was in a special bin going to Israel with my suitcase.

I told the staff that I'd be submitting a formal complaint, and I did. Of course everyone else just passively following orders, while I complained both times. My bag was small, well within regulations, and I purposely wore a coat that has seen many winters, which came in handy when a steward on the last leg spilled milk all over me. That didn't bother me as much as the fact that my carryon wasn't carried onto the plane with me.

If this happens to you, please complain, too, thanks. And share the post to make people more aware and brave...

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