Monday, January 18, 2016

Non-Diet Treats

Granted that I've been keeping my weight "down," that is lower by about 15 kilo (30 pounds) than it once was, for the past seven years or so, but every once in awhile I do need a treat.

First of all there's my not so secret craving for Haagen Daz mint ice cream. I limit it to my trips to the states, generally just once a visit. I used to have no problem finding a Haagen Daz place in all sorts of malls and stations and if not that the mint ice cream was in every supermarket all over. But the last couple of times I looked for it in Arizona, I couldn't find it at all. So I began scouting around for it while still in New York. I saw that the Duane Reade near my friend had a container and began fantasizing about having an entire container for lunch before flying to AZ.  I sort of hinted the idea to my friend who knows me all too well and suggested we go to the Haagen Daz place not far from her and just buy myself a couple of scoops. 

And that's what I did. A cup with two scoops of my mint and one of the special run peppermint (not as good) cost me more than a container that had lots more (and lots more calories, too.) But I certainly do not need the calories, and my cravings were satisfied with the scoops. 

Since I had been so good about just getting scoops of ice cream, I allowed another craving to win. In the international chain Coffee Bean, all of the coffees are kosher, not just the plain ones. There are even branches with kosher foods, sandwiches etc. But the branch in the Phoenix Airport is not one of the kosher ones. But I wanted a fancy coffee, so I bought one there.

Yes, it was good! And I got it before getting on the plane to Newark which was the "stopover" before the plane to Israel.

And now that I'm home, back to the diet...

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