Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Homemade "Airplane Food"

In the olden days, not all that long ago, airplane travelers were given meals on most flights. That is on all but the shortest flights. Nowadays, even if you're traveling over five hours, like the trip between New York/Jersey and Arizona, you only get water and some soft drinks. You can buy food on the plane, but nothing is kosher. When they first eliminated the meals, there were "snacks," crackers or nuts, but no longer.

Since I had a very long flight and travel day plus, I ended up making myself an airplane meal. I was very nervous about it, because I didn't know if security would allow the aluminum tray, but thank Gd it did.

The night before I flew, I made two of these, one to eat that night and the other for the flight.

I baked them all covered with lots and lots of layers of foil, and then I cut up a tomato, one for each. 

The only other food I took with me was a nice big juicy apple and some almonds. And on the plane I took down the tray and set up my meal to eat. It was delicious and filling, just perfect. 


Leah said...

I've learned that Murphy's law is usually in effect, even when flying overseas. If I bring food with me, I also have kosher on the plane. But if I don't, they don't have it either! Absolute worst trip was 42 hours, from Crimea to Kiev to London to NY. With a detour in Bristol due to a huge snowstorm of less than 1" of snow. British Airlines had no food for me the entire way!

In the good old days I'd take salads and protein. Then they took away my guacamole because it was "a liquid." So next time I took a salad with big pieces of avocado, and they took it away again... because it was "a liquid. So you're real lucky your food got through!

Batya said...

Generally flying overseas I just bring fruit and maybe nuts, but the big food problem is on the long domestic flights. I too was surprised that they let my food in. I've brought meals in plastic containers, too, which is less problematic.