Friday, January 29, 2016

Sunset, Sunrise...

I reversed the usual order, because according to Judaism the day starts at night. And last night on my way home, when I was waiting for a ride at the Shvut Rachel-Shiloh Junction, I caught a lovely sunset. And a very sweet woman (neighbor's daughter-in-law) took me to my door, even though she was on her way to someplace else in Shiloh, picked me up after I had taken these pictures.

And this morning I took sunrise photos in two batches. One when I first prepared my coffee, and...

...the next when I got my second mugful.

One never knows what good surprises Gd will give us. When I took the first batch this morning I thought they were truly gorgeous. Sorry that the photos don't do the majestic scene justice,  but then just minutes later when I returned, the same view was super stupendous. As you can see from the last batch of photos. Yes, things can get even better with Gd's help.

May this foretell a wonderful day and week to come.

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