Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kosher in Newark Airport

I had remembered reading something about kosher food in the Newark Airport, so since I had so much time in between flights, I went searching. I was in the terminal which has United Airlines, and since I was an "international traveler" only using United, my suitcase was sent directly to Israel from Phoenix. I did not have to retrieve it and go through security etc again. That gave me lots of time to search.

I looked at all of the food places but didn't find anything special, just the usual stuff. Then I went to the gate for my plane to Israel, which was still open to everyone, since it was too early. The gates to Israel flights are closed off and one needs additional security before a flight. There I saw all sorts of prepared foods, meals of sorts with a "star K."

I checked on facebook to find out about this "star K" and was told that it's a very reliable kosher supervision from Baltimore. In the end I didn't buy anything, because the prices were so high. I was full enough from my homemade airline food and the special coffee I had bought myself in the Phoenix airport.


Netivotgirl said...

I was very blessed during my last stay in the USA when I was sitting shiva. A dear high school friend and her sister brought me a bag of wonderful Mehadrin crackers; fresh and dried fruit and other goodies for the way back because they knew I'd need it before my long flight back to Israel. (This friend herself is not Shomer Shabbat, just traditional, but has a huge heart.) I hope your meal on the flight was served quickly Batya so that you didn't suffer too much from hunger!!

Rickismom said...

I have found in the kast two years a slight increase in options in airports. Occaisionally one can buy fresh fruit/ nuts and yogurts with a chechsher

Batya Medad said...

B"H I managed and didn't starve. Yes, some airports have fresh fruit for sale though the price is outrageous. And quite a few things in American airports can be found with hechshars, though they are not always that healthy or dietetic.