Monday, October 24, 2016

Finally Checked Out The "New" Store in Shiloh

A few years ago, honestly, I haven't a clue as to how long ago, a fruit and vegetable store opened in the Shiloh Industrial Zone which is over a kilometer from my house. It's on the way to the Shiloh Junction. The Shiloh Industrial Zone has all sorts of businesses, small factories and offices. It's also the location of the Meshek Achiya Olive Oil production. For those with cars, it's very convenient, but for us, it isn't. I don't mind walking down to it, though walking up is quite an effort, since when I say "up," I mean UP!

Since my husband goes to the shuq, the Machane Yehuda open market a couple of times a week, we really don't need to patronize a local greengrocer. I also buy some fruit and vegetables in Rami Levy Discount Supermarket. And until about a month ago, when stuck especially for potatoes and onions, we'd go to a small greengrocer which was next to the regular large makolet/grocery. But that small convenient store finally closed.

Yesterday I needed to buy fruit, so I decided to go down and check out this new store. Well, I discovered something very surprising. It has become enormous and sells a lot more than onions and apples. 

Apparently, it has been expanding. It is really has lots of different foods and other things as you can see in the photos.

And the transportation wasn't all that complicated. I got a ride down, after walking less than a quarter of the way. And there were plenty of people who offered me rides up.  It's nice to know there's another option when necessary. And the fruits and vegetables were nothing special, but that's more because it was just after Shabbat and on the Eve of Simchat Torah. No store could offer any great selection and quality yesterday.

No doubt I'll be checking it out again.

All of the contact information is here on the bag:

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