Friday, October 21, 2016

Why Do I Still Make Those Irresistible 1, 2, 3 Cookies?

The other night I made two batches of my 1, 2, 3 cookies, oatmeal and chocolate chips. I used to make them a couple a times a month. That's when my kids were young and living at home. I'd keep them fresh in metal cookie tins. And yes, they do stay fresh and delicious for a few weeks, if nobody eats them. That's because they only have three basic ingredients:

  • 1 part (by weight) sugar
  • 2 parts margarine
  • 3 parts flour
And you can then add cinnamon, vanilla or chocolate chips or nuts or seed or whatever...

  • Just melt the margarine
  • mix all the ingredients
  • spread on the baking pan lined with baking paper
  • bake in medium oven, like for a cake until slightly brown
  • take out, cut and cool, and you're in for a treat
The oatmeal version takes a bit more skill, since you need less oats than flour or it's too dry. I combine some oats and flour (and also some cinnamon) and just can't tell you exactly how much. Al I can say is that it always is delicious. 

Oh, and I use fine whole wheat flour and dark brown sugar, so how can it be bad? And when in doubt, a bit more sugar... 

And to answer my question. Why do I make them when they always tempt me to eat them? Irresistible is an under-exaggeration.  My kids still love them, so I make the cookies for special family occasions. 

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