Friday, October 07, 2016

Yesterday, I Saw A Most Frightening Thing

Yesterday I was a my usual work perch, when nothing very specific tod do, hoping to draw some customers into the shoe store. I was standing at the doorway facing the Rami Levy, when I noticed a young father putting the cutest little toddler into the seat of a shopping cart.

That would have been an enjoyable sight, except for the fact that in his mouth was a lit cigarette.

though I'm not much of an artist, I figured it would be easier to sketch something appropriate, than to google

I found the sight totally terrifying. It would have been just too easy for the man to bend just a little too close and burn the child's face or eye, Gd for bid. Since I, most surely, presumed that this was a very normal/usual position for them, I knew it would do no good to say anything. So I just rushed myself into the shoe store and tried to busy myself with some chore.

A few years ago, when taking a quick "break" in Rami Levy I noticed a young family, whose little kids were "amusing themselves" in the shopping cart while their parents shopped. And what were those adorable kids doing? They had plastic bags over their heads, given to them by their parents. That time, I did walk over and explain that plastic bags could kill/suffocate their children. One of the parents tried to argue with me, but the other looked concerned and took them away.

But I had no doubt that the smoking father would just tell me off for interfering. So, I said nothing. But I just had to blog it.


Rickismom said...

actually it is probably illegal for him to be smoking inside the store

Batya Medad said...

It was just outside of the store. Of course it's illegal inside.