Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nice Strong Coffee From a Friend

Strong coffee from friend
nice, dark and very tasty
with sugar and milk

The friend who was with me when I bought that very disappointing coffee in the shuq was so horrified at the high price, she got me some American coffee that is so strong I need less in the French Press, so it will last longer than even Folgers. It's Italian Roast from a company called freshdirect. Apparently, not only do they have a good coffee selection, they also have lots of kosher food.

The coarseness/grinding of the coffee suits my French Press, which plunged easily. Sometimes, it gets stuck, even though I always give it a good stir beforehand.

This coffee cost just under $11 a pound, which is about NS42. The coffee I bought in Jerusalem was NS12, $3.14 for 100 grams. There are 453 grams to a pound, so if I had bought a pound of the Israeli coffee it would have cost me NS54, if I got it right. But even if it's not all that much more money, the coffee wasn't great.

And, no, I'm not enough of a coffee snob to add bean-grinding to my daily chores. When in New York I stay with people who have a very advanced electric coffeemaker that not only grinds the beans and brews the coffee, but it's on a timer, so it gets done for them rather effortlessly. All they have to do is to set it up the night before.

What I really wanted to blog about this morning was to ask if you take sugar with your coffee or not. Nu, do you?

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